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So August was definitely my month of adventure!
Here is the start of a series of posts where I mention 4 items I have loved within the past month. So let’s have a look shall we?

  1. Vans Bagley beanie || buy here
    So in my ‘Postcards from California’ post, I briefly touched upon that San Francisco was a little bit cold. I say that as an understatement as on the first foggy and grim-looking day, I went to the extent of buying a beanie – yes, a beanie in Summer. My disgust didn’t last for long though as I found this great thing in the Urban Outfitters on Union Square and it ended up staying on my head for the rest of the trip (oh, apart from when we reached the parts of California that were actually hot).
  2. Limecrime Venus II palette || buy here
    I have been lusting after Limecrime’s Venus palettes ever since I started following their Instagram account. The colours are a little out of my comfort zone but all the girls I’ve seen posting photos make them work so well – so now I want to join in the fun too! Limecrime, being a US brand, would have been a bit of a headache to try to ship to the UK (import costs, bleh) so I managed to get my hands on the Venus II palette when I was in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the Venus I palette was sold out (on the two occasions I checked), but I did manage to snag a Limecrime Velvetines in Buffy as well!
  3. Nike Performance Free Run Trainers || buy here
    I thought it was about time to splash out on some new sports shoes and I had been eyeing up some black and white Nike’s for a while. These are literally the comfiest shoes I own and I spent most of my holiday in them, including a 6 mile hike to a waterfall.
  4. Yosemite Oversized Jumper
    I wanted a souvenir from my amazing holiday adventures and I saw this jumper which looked so perfect and almost vintage. I bought it oversized and I have literally been wearing it everywhere, it is so comfy and snug.


What have been your favourite things in August?

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  1. Eleanor Pritchard September 7, 2016

    I’ve just found your blog and fallen in love! (I’ve followed you on bloglovin as well) and these favourites are so cute, you can’t go wrong with an oversized jumper! I’ve loved having the month off of school and going on holiday with my best friend!

    • Lucy September 8, 2016 — Post Author

      Ah, what a lovely comment, thank you so much <3
      Summer is such an amazing time to go exploring


  2. Anouk September 6, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your favourite August things. My favourite were travelling to North America and enjoying the good life!


    • Lucy September 6, 2016 — Post Author

      You also traveled to North America! How lovely 🙂
      Thanks for sharing also x

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