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So I’ve been consistently posting on this blog for the past few months and its been a fun outlet where I can show illustrations and share all the things I’m interested in (and hopefully you now are too!).

This site is essentially a projection of myself, so I thought why not write a few useless things that sum me up?

10 things about me

  1. I am half British and half Indonesian
  2. My best subject in school was always Maths
  3. Somewhat related, I am currently in the final year for my degree in Computer Science!
  4. I am obsessed with iced coffee (EVEN in winter), milkshakes and smoothies but even the thought of drinking milk on its own makes me feel queasy
  5. I cannot roll my tongue or roll my Rs whatsoever
  6. Up until about a year ago, at 20 years old, I did not have a single piercing – now I have my ears pierced!
  7. I can speak along to the entire Disney film Tangled
  8. I really enjoy reading horror books but I don’t like horror films because I hate jump scares
  9. I am a disgrace to the British because I don’t like milk in my tea, I’ve only read the first Harry Potter book (only about 2 years ago!) and I don’t enjoy James Bond movies – oops
  10. I am obsessed with making lists! (Can’t you tell, I mean, look at this post) Every single day I write some form of list whether it is on a scrap bit of paper to opening up Notepad on my laptop – is that weird?


Can you relate to any of these?

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