After finally getting round to watching Memento (a film by Christopher Nolan), it got me thinking about the impermanence of actions. What if everything you did was written down? What if the movements and thoughts of your past were all noted down, trailing behind you? Instead of a figurative token, it’s a physical manifestation that becomes part of you. This piece is where my thoughts led me.

When it comes to motivation for my art pieces,  I try to seek inspiration in the world around me and just channel my perception of my surroundings into something I can create. Sometimes it could be a conversation with a person and they say a particular sentence that really intrigues me. My mind shapes an idea around their words, forming links between what was said with my own inferences, into a concept I just want to draw.

Inspiration could stem from something as simple as seeing a photo with a composition I am drawn to; a pose, a well designed room, a specific colour palette – just anything that sparks my senses.

This piece draws inspiration for my love of Japan and the details in its streets.