The beautiful thing about Instagram is that it cultivates creativity, in its many forms. I am endlessly inspired by the fashion photography I see on there as well as the detailed, colourful works of the art community I so closely follow.

Shaping this inspiration into something more fitting to me, I merged two of my greatest interests: nature and fashion.

As of late, I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and really push myself to use colour palettes that I couldn’t normally envision splashed onto my work.

These two pieces are a reflection of me pushing my boundaries and being very pleased with the results.

I aimed that these pieces would be simple yet have delicate line art to signify the unification of my two themes. By reducing the complexity of the concept, I could really just focus on the colours that would make each piece striking.

This particular piece is actually based on a photograph by an Instagrammer called Luna Lindsay. I find she effortlessly fuses her fashion taste and photography skills together to create a feed and style I can only describe as #goals.

I love where I went with fashion + flora and I hope I can continue works like this which could eventually form a mini series.

Tell me what you think, I always love reading comments and messages.