FASHION | Black Petrol Wallet by Vivienne Westwood

This April I turned 21 and I decided I wanted something tangible to commemorate that milestone.

Although I’ve always been drawn to designer fashion brands due to their artistry (I actually used to want to be a fashion designer when I was 13), I’ve never considered owning anything.

But when my mint coloured Fossil purse finally gave in and stopped being able to close properly, I decided I wanted to go that extra step and look for something quality and designer.

I’ve never been able to justify getting a high brand fashion item as I’m the kind of person who is always changing style, but a purse is something that I know I will use every day, so why not?


I knew that I wanted something classic with a twist to it; something that screamed ‘me’ and that I would not get tired of the design in years to come.

After much hunting around online, I found this beauty online: the Black Petrol Wallet by Vivienne Westwood.



It was an impulse decision to go for this one as I already had tabs on a few other simpler, more classic designs.

However, I was immediately drawn to it’s iridescent colouring that was subtle yet added a unique finish to it’s glossy black shell.


I love how it’s small and compact and the vintage coin compartment creates an elegant touch.

Plus the Vivienne Westwood logo just completes it.





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  1. Sara May 29, 2016

    This is amazing!
    I really like your blog girl!

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