Here is my page of Frequently Asked Questions – hopefully these can help in more detail with the things I am asked quite a lot!

How did you colour your hair?
My hair is naturally very dark and although I do like my natural hair colour, any dye lighter than it will not show up at all!
Therefore, I had a very blonde ombre added to my hair using bleach and toner. This was done at a salon and unfortunately it is pricey, but I knew I would be getting my money’s worth; it was a safer option than trying (and probably failing) to use a DIY home kit.
However, all the ‘unnatural’ colouring is done by me.
In the past I have used:

  • Manic Panic – Enchanted Forest
  • Arctic Fox – a mixture of Aquamarine and Phantom Green

What software/tools do you use for drawing?
Most of my work is done digitally and I do all of this in Photoshop CS5 – this software is what I use for everything.
My drawing process usually starts from a sketch using a handy little sketchbook and mechanical pencil or an assortment of various sized brush pens.
I usually do my basic outline sketches on paper then take a photo of them and colour them digitally.

Are you accepting commissions?
Unfortunately, I’m pretty busy at the moment trying to juggle university studies and my own drawing projects so I’m not prepared to take anything on. However, still send me a message as maybe I may have an open window for a new project!

Do you want to do a collaboration?
Same response as above pretty much. There are so many talented artists on Instagram so having anyone want to collab with me is such an honour, so the fact someone asks me this makes me so happy.