Here is my page of Frequently Asked Questions – hopefully these can help in more detail with the things I am asked quite a lot!

How did you colour your hair?
My hair is naturally very dark and although I do like my natural hair colour, any dye lighter than it will not show up at all!
Therefore, I had a very blonde ombre added to my hair using bleach and toner. This was done at a salon and unfortunately it is pricey, but I knew I would be getting my money’s worth; it was a safer option than trying (and probably failing) to use a DIY home kit.
However, all the ‘unnatural’ colouring is done by me.
In the past I have used:

  • Manic Panic – Enchanted Forest
  • Arctic Fox – a mixture of Aquamarine and Phantom Green

Out of these two brands, I would recommend Arctic Fox highly! Not only does the dye smell amazing, the colours are vibrant, last a while and so far, haven’t stained my white bedsheets!

What software/tools do you use for drawing?
Most of my work is done digitally and I do all of this in Photoshop CS5 – this software is what I use for everything.
My drawing process usually starts from a sketch using a handy little sketchbook and mechanical pencil or an assortment of various sized brush pens.
I usually do my basic outline sketches on paper then take a photo of them and colour them digitally.

Are you accepting commissions?
It really depends on my current work situation to dictate whether I have the time to fulfill any. Send me a message as maybe I have an open window for a new project!

Do you want to do a collaboration?
Same response as above pretty much. There are so many talented artists online so having anyone want to collab with me is such an honour – the fact someone asks me this makes me so happy.