September 17, 2017

The art of minimalism

Starting a new job in the big city has shaped my new found love of podcasts. This love has blossomed from discovering The Minimalists on Spotify. I've only listened to a few tracks so far but I have already found their discussions so enlightening and shine a positive light on my mornings. Being able to tune in to their laid back attitude and calming conversation has really blown an uplifting air around my tube ...


September 10, 2017

My art evolution

I'm like a Pokemon in how much my artwork has evolved. I found this expedition pretty amusing, looking on my external hard drive to see what old, cringey art I could dig up. As an artist, I think its important to reflect on just have far you've come. I can't count the number of days where I have sat in front of my computer, questioning my own talent as I scroll through vast amounts of beautiful works by other, ...


I wrote this because, although there are some amazing cruelty free lists already (such as here and here), I haven't found a list that also covers small brands sold in British pharmacies and supermarkets. Below is a list of beauty brands that are easily available within the UK (and potentially the rest of the world depending on the brand) that you could find when popping into somewhere like Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis ...