January 20, 2018

Reignite your creativity

As an online creative, I'm sure you're all too familiar with the term 'art block' and how it plagues the mind once it seeps in and settles itself. It feels like you've hit a metaphorical wall and no matter how much you bang your head against it, it won't budge. The ideas just won't flow and anything you conceptualise just feels stale, overdone and not authentic to you. Fear not, however, as it doesn't last forever. It can ...


January 07, 2018

Décembre en blanc

My first ever Christmas away from home was spent in a country shrouded in white. The snow covered mountainous land of Tirol, West Austria, had views made for fairy tales. What's even more enchanting is the home I stayed in, situated in a tiny rural town where my boyfriend's family has grown up for several generations. A place full of tradition and history, its a home filled with so much love; not only by the people that ...


As I sit here writing this, 2018 has already started out less than ideal. After a brilliant Christmas and new year celebrations with my boyfriend's family, we were due to fly back from Austria on the 1st January. Heavy foggy weather dictated that Austria was not ready to let go of our presence and our flight was cancelled. The next available flight we can get on is the 4th so for now, we have an extended holiday in the ...


It feels like Summer flew by in the blink of an eye. The adventures that felt like only a month ago are now just a collection of memories, captured by hazy photos. With a couple of suitcases and a car, me and my boyfriend went on our own little expedition through his home country of Austria. We started in the lush and mountainous Tirol, where he is native, and traveled all the way through to Vienna until we went North up to ...


November 07, 2017

Artists that influence my work

The beauty of the online universe is that you have an infinite amount of sources for inspiration. Just from my art evolution post here, you can see how much my art style has changed throughout the years and, consequently, so have the artists who helped shape that change. Pinterest and Instagram do wonders to satisfy my artistic appetite for discovering new work and techniques. But amidst the colourful creative chaos of ...


September 28, 2017

Colours of Kew Gardens

When it comes to my illustration, I take inspiration from what is around me and as a result, I'm always eager to explore new places. I like to use my experiences to fuel my mental creativity bank and help shape the art I wish to create, hopefully making something with meaning. In a way, the piece can also double as a visual snapshot into a past moment of my life and my thought process at the time of creation. I've been ...