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Makeup application is an art form in itself; the beauty products you use are the paint and your face is the canvas. It’s one of the most beautiful and liberating forms of self expression and I love being able to sit down on my bedroom floor in front of my mirror and experiment with colours and blending. Growing up, I’ve always lacked a lot of self confidence and, like a lot of awkward tweens, was very self conscious about my body and my face. However, over the years makeup has helped me feel a lot more confident in my own skin and helped me bring out my true personal style. Makeup isn’t about hiding, it’s about accentuating who you really are!

It also helps when you have the right tools!

I came across the Spectrum Collections Siren Brush Set when I saw a blog post about them a few months ago. Instantly I fell in love with their holographic ferrule that is emphasised by the simple black handle. The mermaid-inspired Brush Roll completes it and makes storage and transportation easy and insanely adorable.

I debated buying them for a long time due to their fairly hefty price tag but my birthday rolled around and I said to myself, girl just do it.
Up until that point, I had been using cheap brushes that you’d find in Boots which, don’t get me wrong, served it’s purpose but wasn’t really catching all the pigmentation of the new, better quality palettes I’ve started to invest in.

One of the things that pushed me to get them is that they are not only aesthetically incredible, they are also 100% cruelty free and vegan. What more can you seriously want in a beauty product?

Composed of 12 varying sized brushes, the brush heads are super soft and they apply my eyeshadow smoothly and delicately, so I can gradually build up colour.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier set of brushes and seeing them in my drawer everyday just confirms that I’m so glad I bought them.

What do you think? What are your favourite cruelty free beauty brands?





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