Artists that influence my work

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get link The beauty of the online universe is that you have an infinite amount of sources for inspiration. Just from my art evolution post here, you can see how much my art style has changed throughout the years and, consequently, so have the artists who helped shape that change. Pinterest and Instagram do wonders to satisfy my artistic appetite for discovering new work and techniques. But amidst the colourful creative chaos of rectangular images that I endlessly scroll through, I’ve actually managed to narrow down the artists who inspire my work on a constant basis. These are the guys I go to if I’m in an art funk and I just don’t know what direction I want to take my next illustration. Sometimes I’ll sit and stare at their work, observing the lines and details and speculating the reasons for each (digital) pen stroke.

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site de rencontres en cote d'ivoire I could write a whole new post entirely on my favourite artists of all time on top of this (expect that in the future!) but sometimes, I find there can be such thing as too much inspiration. If I have all this creative power coming at me in every direction, I just find myself coming to a standstill, a bit dazed on how I should progress.  I tend to keep my direct influences fairly exclusive to prevent my brain from being overloaded.


frage bdswiss With the current direction I have taken my art, there is no doubt you’ll be able to see their influence in my work.

rencontre femmes divorcées fes Check ’em out.

rencontre ado 93 Do you know of any artists similar to these guys? I’d love to know.

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