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I want to start doing an irregular series of posts which I will call Spotlight Sunday. It’s going to feature an artist that inspires me and therefore makes me want to share them with the world. Its my way of saying “Go, go, go! Check them out – they are incredible and I want everyone to love them and support them!”.

If you’re a person who follows a bit of digital art on social media, then I’m pretty sure you may have heard of Loish AKA Lois Van Baarle.

Her artwork is simply phenomenal and I have been avidly following her work ever since I became aware of her. I would say she is definitely one of my all time favourite artists. Her ability to breathe life and spirit into even a simple scene with her use of colour is something that I can only aspire to achieve in the future.

I adore her semi-realistic style where she makes characters easily recognisable as her own and draws charming people of all shapes and sizes.

Back in July, I finished a mid university work placement and my wonderful colleagues bought me some gifts. One of the gifts was in fact The Art of Loish which had been on my wishlist for a while. Not only is the book itself fantastic, it is forever a symbol that represents the amazing year I had experienced, filled with creativity and happiness.

I hope you like her work!
Here’s some of her links if you want to see more:

Website | Blog Instagram | Twitter

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