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I feel like as an artist, I spend so much time being self critical that I never actually take a moment to reflect on how far I’ve progressed.

I suppose it is the creative’s curse; we are our own worst critic.

This can still be a blessing in many ways as we are encouraging ourselves to grow by identifying the areas in which we want to improve. In order to get better, you have to suck.

As frustrating as it is, it can help a lot more than staying on a level of ‘just’ being satisfied with what you’re creating. With every seemingly faulty line and curve, you push yourself to make something you can finally be proud of. As long as you don’t let your own judgment consume you, everyday you can just pick yourself up and try again.

Even if you’re trying for 10 minutes. 5 minutes. A quick scribble.

It can be hard to see progression if you’re only comparing one creative piece to the next but I promise you, you are improving.

Its all about having a bit of faith in your own abilities.

These four portraits have all been done within the space of approximately 6 months.

There have been moments between each piece that have certainly contained a lot of inner turmoil where I was asking myself what I really want to achieve as an artist.

But if I take a minute to step back and actually see what I have made without the self deprecatory frosted screen, then I can actually notice just how much more confident I have become within every brush stroke I make.

If you’re ever having a bad moment of doubt, maybe try putting some of your work together in dated order and reflect on just how much better you have become.

You might actually surprise yourself!


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