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With a lot of social media platforms, there are so many subcultures you can explore; from your favourite fandom (yes I’m talking about you Tumblr) to those glossy flatlay accounts with pretty products I sometimes try (and fail) to emulate. I personally love following artists, fashion & beauty bloggers and the occasional celebrity (Zach Braff you are my spirit animal).

Creating my Instagram account a year ago has opened up a door to a whole new spectrum of talent I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Today I wanted to show some love for a group of badass ladies who I have been following for a long time and have inspired me to no end. I feel you don’t necessarily need to be an artist to appreciate just how insanely talented they are, so if you like their work, why not give them a follow?



  1. Audra Auclair | @audraauclair

Audra has been right up there as one of my favourite artists from the moment I discovered her account. I adore her elegant line work and attention to detail when she sticks to ink and paper or her use of colour with gouache and digital pieces. I love how she infuses nature and her passion for environmental activism into her work. She just generally appears to be a lovely person and I admire that she is using her talents for causes that are important her.



2. Kelsey Beckett@kelseyjbeckett

There’s something quite mesmerising how Kelsey can create a painting that is semi realistic yet also stylised. I love her generally light and pastel colour palettes and how she smoothly shades the pretty ladies she draws.



3. Jacquelin de Leon | @jacquelindeleon

Its great how you can tell whether a piece is Jacquelin’s because of her unique way of drawing faces. I’m always drawn to line work when its simple yet detailed at the same time (that makes no sense but I hope you get me) and she really knows her stuff. I frequently go to her for inspiration when I have no idea how to make the hair I’m drawing look pretty – she is the queen of drawing mermaids and that alone makes her right up there in my book.



4. Loli Molina | @lolimoog

Her work is literally an explosion of fun yet rebelliousness and it almost reminds me of the days I used to be obsessed with Tokidoki. This is a recurring theme with all the artists I’ve picked but just…COLOUR PALETTES! Wow, I love them.



5. Ursula Decay | @ursuladecay

All the sassy girls she draws are dressed in outfits that I would totally wear if I had the confidence. I guess for now, I can just admire them in her work. Also again, the colours! …Like how can people make their work so pretty? #artistgoals


What do you think of them? Do you follow any art accounts?


Note: All art images are copyright to their respective artist

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  1. Francesca September 29, 2016

    Kelsey is one of my favourite artists, and I have heard of a couple of other people on your list, so I’ll go check them out now – you clearly have great taste!

    francesca | xx

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