Hi, I’m Lucy

I’m a 22 year old working in the visual effects industry in London. I’m a self proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy geek and I wear way too much black. My passions go from anything artistic to science and technology. I love to escape in a great film or book and I get overly emotional when watching animation.

Ever since I can remember, I have thrived off of immersing myself in creativity and self expression – whether that is illustration, film, photography, fashion, DIYs or even just surrounding myself in the influence of other creative people. If I’m not doing something that feeds my creative soul then I’m not being myself!

And so this is what this blog is here to do: to motivate me to always keep making an artistic interpretation of the world around me and to share my work along the journey. This personal space is where I want to create a positive platform of documentation of the things I’m getting up to and an opportunity to speak about the causes, items and people that interest me.

So what’s on Luceferous?

This site is my little haven for infusing my love of fashion, beauty and self expression with art, design and visual aesthetics to create a colourful explosion of the things that are important to me.

Why Luceferous?

lu·cef·er·ous (lü-ˈse-f(ə-)rəs)

When I was coming up with my online alias, I wanted a name that was quintessentially me – an extension of myself found in the online universe.
My name as it stands is derived for the Latin word for light, and I wanted something to echo that definition. The word Luciferous also holds the same context and partially follows the same prefix as my name.
Some of my closest friends call me Luce or Lu and I thought it would be not only personal, but a fun play on words to combine the two.
And so, Luceferous was born.

Ballpitmag (2017)

Peachbrain (2017)